Applicable Standard: Polyhose proprietary product



Helically convoluted sintered tube of polytetrafluoroethylene (P.T.F.E)


Single braid of 304/316 series of stainless steel wire


P.T.F.E hose has an excellent temperature characteristics both in high and low temperature. Excellent chemical resistance, non contamination properties, low coefficient of friction and resists deterioration. Therefore the hose is used generally in applications where all or one of the above properties is the main criteria in automotive, chemical,pharmaceutical & food processing, plastic & rubber molding machines. Also for some applications the tube can also be made conductive to dissipate electro -static charges.

Temperature Range: -54°C to +260°C

Note: Working and burst pressure are at 20 Deg C Temperature . Available in electrical conductive version also and our part # shall be PH 371

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