PH352 – High Pressure NC


Now conductive Hydraulic Lines 700 bar.
Compact, high pressure, light weight, high abrasion resistance and low change in length for use with petroleum, synthetic or water based fluids in Hydraulic Systems mainly used for rescue, safety equipments, bolt tensioning tools and jacking & re-railing equipments. Mainly used in applications requiring High electrical insulation or non-conductivity.

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   Hose IDMin. Bend RadiusnullWorking PressureMin. Bust Pressure
Code Dash sizeDNHose I.D. (Nom.)Hose O.D. (Nom.)Working PressureMin. Burst PressureMin. Bend Radius
PH352-2 -221/84.00.3589.110,00070040,0002,800251.0
PH352-4-461/46.4 0.55014.010,00070040,0002,800351.4
PH352-6-6103/8 9.50.76519.410,00070040,0002,800602.4
Applicable Standard:

Standard: Polyhose proprietary hose.


Core: Thermoplastic Elastomer
Reinforcement: Double/Triple braids of aramid fibre
Cover: Orange color Polyurethane. Available Twin and Multi lines with different Hose combination and Size

Temperature Range:

Continuous: -40°C to +100°C Temp not to exceed +70°C for Air and water based fluids.