PH 622 – High Pressure Plaster Spray Hose


For High Pressure Cement / Plaster Spraying in Construction Industry

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 Hose ID Min. Bend RadiusnullWorking Pressure
PolyhoseHose I.D. (Nom.)Wall thicknessHose O.D. (Nom.)Working PressureMin. Burst Pressure
PH 622-16125.
PH 622-201.1/432.
PH 622-241.1/238.000.318.002.1354.00580.0040.001740.00120.00
PH 622-32251.000.359.002.7269.00580.0040.001740.00120.00
PH 622-402.1/264.000.4311.003.3986.00580.0040.001740.00120.00
PH 622-48376.000.4311.003.8698.00580.0040.001740.00120.00
PH 622-644102.000.5514.005.12130.00580.0040.001740.00120.00
PH 622-805.00127.000.5915.006.18157.00580.0040.001740.00120.00
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Core: Synthetic and Natural rubber blend reistant to Abrasion
Reinforcement: High Tensile Synthetic Yarn
Cover: Synthetic Rubber resistant to Ozone, weather and abrasion

Temperature Range:

Continuous: -30°C to + 90°C