To meet CSR obligations of the group, a Public Charitable Trust has been formed by the Polyhose group of Companies in the name of “Jamnagarwala Charitable Trust” [hereinafter referred as “The Trust”].

1) The CSR money of the Company shall be utilised to:-
a) Provide required facilities / help to the underprivileged children to pursue their education;
b) Promote health care including preventive health care;
c) Support nationally recognised sports;
d) Help to promote gender equality;
e) Ensure environmental sustainability;
f) Protect national heritage;
g) Undertake any projects to develop rural areas.
h) Any other activities as directed by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs under Schedule VII of the Companies Act, 2013 from time to time.

2) CSR Committee:-
The CSR Committee/s of the Company was formed with 3 members with the Chairmanship of Mr.Shabbir Yusuf Jamnagarwala, Managing Director and Mr.Shamsuddin Jamnagarwala Ali Asger and Mr.N.Suryanarayanan, Directors as Members of the Committees.

3) Purpose of CSR Committee/s to :-
a) Formulate / modify the policy;
b) Make recommendation towards deployment money in CSR activities;
c) Monitor the CSR activities / project of the respective Companies.

4) Funding / selection / monitoring process:-
The CSR Committee would deliberate the proposals and make recommendation to the Board to select and approve the CSR projects. After approval from the Board, the CSR Fund would be transferred to the Trust to carryout the project/s approved by the Board. Thereafter the Committee would monitor the projects being handled by the Trust and give periodic report to the Board about the status of the project undertaken by the Trust out of CSR funds given by the Company.